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Thread: 2012 Welsh Open NOGI competitors list

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    Default 2012 Welsh Open NOGI competitors list



    Kaitlyn Jeffries - The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat
    Ashley Bendle - CHris Rees Academy

    michael Jones The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat
    nik bagley Carlson Gracie Revolution Team

    Elliott Hamilton The Mat Academy
    Ben Robson Chris Rees Academy
    Robert Mcnee The MMA Academy

    Junaid Ahmad Dave's Gym
    Volkan Akar Carlson Gracie Revolution Team
    Hardeep Rai Carlson Gracie Revolution Team
    Jack Greening The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat



    Donna Scott Hybrid MMA/Beefy BJJ
    Caroline O'Hagan Dave's Gym
    sophie walters Mill Hill BJJ


    Blane Jenkins KGB
    Mike Evans Chris Rees Academy
    Mark Barrett Mill Hill BJJ
    Paul Evans Newport MMA/Pedro Bessa
    G Cheung Urban Sports Fitness

    Dale Jenkins KGB
    Hebron Sawyers Dennis Fight Team
    Masihullah Farhadi Dogs Of War
    Nathan Morgan Chris Rees Academy
    Robbie Mathlin Chris Rees Academy
    jonathan harkness Carlson Gracie Revolution Team
    Elliot Saunders Newport MMA/Pedro Bessa
    Sam Bean Dave's Gym
    Ryan Morgan KGB
    ross powell Chris Rees Academy
    craig howard D Tec
    John Huhges KGB
    Damien Coleman Urban Sports Fitness

    Ben Snell Hybrid MMA/Beefy BJJ
    Matthew Clements Chris Rees Academy
    Josh Ellis KGB
    Nathan Braddon Chris Rees Academy
    adamn= nicholls KGB
    Sum Cho Chris Rees Academy
    Jason Alebon D Tec
    Paul Jackson Akpomedaye Fight Team
    Ryan McGhan Dave's Gym
    kirk heely Dave's Gym
    Murshid Salman Hybrid MMA/Beefy BJJ

    jonathan mills Chris Rees Academy
    Adam Peckett Precsion Martial Arts
    matthew drury Hybrid MMA/Beefy BJJ
    Jamie L Jones Chris Rees Academy
    Dawid Markiewicz Roger Gracie Academy Bucks
    Simon Underwood Urban Sports Fitness
    christopher Self Chris Rees Academy
    Darren Mould Chris Rees Academy
    Sam Hardy Newport MMA/Pedro Bessa
    Aldo Martini Newport MMA/Pedro Bessa
    Dave Saif Chris Rees Academy
    Jack Shore The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat

    jordan marshall Chris Rees Academy
    Rhys Lewis Chris Rees Academy
    ashley beaumont The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat
    Richard Hewett Dave's Gym
    andrew evans ?
    Johan den Hartog Chris Rees Academy
    Nicky Potts Newport MMA/Pedro Bessa

    Luke Kirby Project Mayhem
    Noel Smith Urban Sports Fitness

    Dennis Akpomedaye Dennis Fight Team
    Ryan Jenkins Male KGB
    Nigel Davies Male Chris Rees Academy
    Euros Jones-Evans Chris Rees Academy

    Chris Kenward Chris Rees Academy

    ash stocker Carlson Gracie Revolution Team
    Lloyd Ayris Chris Rees Academy
    Matthew Barber Pedro Bessa BJJ
    lee merrick D Tec
    David Lindsay Exeter BJJ - Team Raphael Dos Santos
    kai Maybury Chris Rees Academy

    Alexander Jones Chris Rees Academy
    Paul Rogers Chris Rees Academy
    Gavin Charnnock KGB
    Rikki Fortuna Newport MMA/Pedro Bessa
    Peter Youds The MMA Academy

    Drazen Macan Roger Gracie Academy Bucks
    Zack Jones Chris Rees Academy
    Ian Moore Chris Rees Academy
    Alec Mead Chris Rees Academy

    Will Davies Chris Rees Academy
    james fairhead Mill Hill BJJ
    Ady Frodsham Boomtown FC
    Gareth Penny KGB
    Carl Harding Celtic Pride/Pedro Bessa
    Justin Scott-Morgan Chris Rees Academy
    Gareth Jenkins Chris Rees Academy
    Gareth Millar BoomTown FC
    Josh Palombella The MMA Academy

    Conor Eaton-Smith The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat
    Liam Bennett Chris Rees Academy

    wayne samways Chris Rees Academy
    Jamey Law The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat
    Martin Goodrick Chris Rees Academy
    Dean Lewis Chris Rees Academy

    sean browne Chris Rees Academy

    Andy Law Mill Hill BJJ

    Neil Gould Chris Rees Academy
    gary cawse Hybrid MMA/Beefy BJJ

    Dave Hyde The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat
    Alaric Moore Exeter BJJ - Team Raphael Dos Santos

    Jamie Hughes Celtic Pride/Pedro Bessa
    Chris Jones Exeter BJJ - Team Raphael Dos Santos
    Steve Jayne The Combat Academy/Tillery Combat

    KRISTIAN LEWIS Chris Rees Academy

    Darragh O'Conaill Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Ireland
    David Iverson Gracie Barra Braulio Estima
    Nathan Beer Newport MMA/Pedro Bessa
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    Hi all, Some information regarding the Welsh Open No Gi this Sunday.

    The format will basically be the same as previous competitions with all categories being weighed in from 9.30 in order of weight and belt starting with the lightest white belts. I will then continue to weigh a division at a time until all white belt divisions have been weighed in . I will then continue to weigh in any blue, purple or Brown belts who wish to be weighed in early.

    Key points -

    ALL WHITE BELTS need to be at the venue by 9.30, lightest categories will be starting at 10.00
    ALL BLUE BELTS need to be at the venue by 12.00
    ALL PURPLE & BROWN BELTS need to be at the venue by 11.30


    White Belts & Juveniles - !0.00 onwards

    Purple and Brown Belts - 12.30

    Blue Belts - 13.30 onwards

    Absolutes will be run, time allowing, after each belt finishes .

    Medals will be presented after each final

    Spectators 4 , under 16s FREE

    Looking forward to another great day of competition and will see you all there :-)

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