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I have moved to Hassocks, 20-30 minuites from Portslade. I am really keen to come and train at your club the problem is that I do not get home from work until 7pm. The earliest I could get down to portslade is around 8pm. 7:30 at a push. I can see that your latest class is at 7pm which I cannot get home in time for.

Obvisouly you are not going to change you timetable for me but could you let me know if you have any plans for later classes in the future. Or do you (or anyone else) have any suggestions for how I can keep training.

I work in london by bank station. However all the lunchtime classes finish at two so I would not get back to the office until 2:30 which looks bad.



Hi Adam,

I've got a great news for you!
We have a new timetable due to start from Monday 15th October. It brings 8 new classes (5 MMA/3 No-Gi), and also a few changes on our currently BJJ (Gi) timetable, which makes our last class of the day due to start always from 7.30pm...

Feel free to call our Dojo 01273 411486 if you require any more info.

I hope this helps and I'm looking forward to welcome you to our team.


Ivam Maciel