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Thread: Best gyms in Thailand???

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    Hi Maz, thanks for the quality of your replies. Haven't been back to Thailand for a few years now and will def check out Jitti's gym. I've heard some good things from others too. I note your restraint about not slagging off Tiger. I haven't been myself but have got mates who have been and it's for tourists only. As far as I can tell it's for newbies and sex tourists. My mate had to fly home a week early from a one month stay because he got Staph so bad they couldn't treat it in Phuket!!!
    I'll stay in BKK for a while until the concrete city boredom sets in next time I go, then head up north. Any good gyms you'd recommend up there?

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    I went to Phuket in August/September 2008 and December/January 2009/2010 for 5 weeks at a time on both occasions and trained at Tiger Muay Thai. They have solid Muay Thai coaching boasting a roster of ex national and world champions. The MMA side is enough to keep you ticking over when abroad too.

    Both times I went over I paid 500 - 600 for a return ticket to Bangkok (but then had to pay/book for a separate domestic flight to Phuket once I got there). I used My Vacations for my ticket the first time I went out (500) and Southall Travel the second time I went (600).

    I flew with Etihad both times and they were great. Can't complain at all about the service whatsoever.

    The first time I went out I spent 1500 all in including my domestic flight, accomodation, moped rental, food, training, gifts and tourist stuff like white water rafting, elephant trekking and abseiling down the side of waterfalls.

    The second time I went out I spent 800 and that included domestic flights, accomodation, training, moped rental, a trip to Koh Phangnan for New Years Eve and of course food. Oh and a tattoo.

    Bear in mind that I don't drink and the 2 times I went, I didnt go out on the lash so I saved alot in comparison to others who were partying every night. I think I went out a couple of times on both occasions and didnt stay out long - it isnt really my thing.

    Bangkok is a little cheaper compared to Phuket but you could definitely do the trip with 1500 including the flight over for a monthn and be comfortable. But it's all dependant on whether you're going over there to TRAIN or to 'train'.

    At the time I was working at a dead end job and saved 320 a month for 6 months so if you've got a year on an apprentice job - 160 a month/40 a week and you'll be fine.

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    Cheers for that xanthic, ive saved them sites to my favourites, along with jittis gym site for future reference. Your right, the saving isnt hard, the time it takes to save is though :P good things come to those who wait though ey, ill keep training thai over here as much as possible so i can get the most out of it over there.
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    I've not trained in BKK so cant compare but if you fancy Phuket I would recommend Sinbi. I've been there 5 times now - longest time was for 6 months and have always received great training and had a great time. I'm planning my 6th trip for November. Pot, Ped and Sing himself are all great trainers. There has been some turnaround of the other trainers but I have heard good things about them too.

    If I was 10 years younger I'd go to train at Jittis in BKK but i'm an old fart and need my relaxation/comforts as well.

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    yep Sinbi really good gym. Also home to Seanchai at the moment!!

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    very in-depth guide to a fair few gyms in Thailand

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    dragon muay thai FTW!

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    and another one, was sceptical about dragons, but my mate went there and said it was good, she really had a good experience!

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    id say dragon, they seem to have upped there sessions aswell, went there the other week and had a awesome session. for me its the best gym in phuket, i havent done bangkok so i cant really say about them

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