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Thread: Lineage Question for BJJ Geeks/Black Belts

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    Sid put out a video - "Born in Warrior's Blood" a few years after I left the school, I always wanted to get my hands on it to see how horrifically bad it might be!

    It's down to Wing Chun that I eventually found BJJ though. After I left Sid's school I joined Bob Breen's JKD academy in Hoxton (due to the whole Wing Chun/JKD link), and it's there that I discovered grappling. Stayed there a couple of years until I left uni (was using my grant to pay for membership fees ) and then started BJJ


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    This thread has turned into a therapy session. I love reading these sort of threads

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    The problem with Wing Chun is you throw 5000 strikes an hour but noone ever gets punched in the face!

    I did about 10 years of 'modified' WC, started with a guy called Jason Stretton in Birmingham. To be fair he did introduce me to BJJ. Predator Fightwear CrossFit Northampton Maximum Nutrition

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