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Thread: Weight Loss !!!

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    Default Weight Loss !!!

    New to site was just wondering if anyone knew anything about Meratol tablets supposed to help with weight loss i have been out for a year with a bad injury and have put on a couple of stone and got told these would help me but never heard of them and the guy who told me to use them said he cant use them when he does shows (as he does body building shows). So would i be ok using them as im looking to fight may time of this year???

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    I never heard about Meratol tablets.But i know about the generic acomplia which helps in weight loss treatment.Even my brother used such medication for last 3 months and now he reduce their 60% weight.There are no any other side effect found after taking generic acomplia.

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    Hi guys,...
    I think using of fitness exercises and stairs as compared to pills are more beneficial for losing weight and maintain health and make body perfect,..
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    Weight lose is achieved when you did exercise and maintain your diet properly,...
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    MERATOL is known as most reliable and natural weight loss pill that is proven effective and backed with solid facts and testimonials from contented customers.

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    Well,Thanks for sharing useful information...In my point of view drinking more water and daily exercise are the best way to reduce your weight...!

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    Yes jonson68 you are right but not only water is helpful in fact diet must also be accurate for loosing weight and we must take such diet to reduce weight and water is helpful but diet should also be balance.

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    Well we must have to focus on Fruits and vegetables and some sort of exercsies that might be really helpful to lose weight . But Try to avoid pills or supplements that have side effects on body .

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    Friend do not rely on doses, I know that they can lose your weight but there are some other loses for our health, So just try to do exercise and go for morning walk and do some other exercise like swimming and gym and use low carb diet foods.

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