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Thread: Weight Loss !!!

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    Really nice talking about weight loss and also really nice above comments, guys, i also have some information about weight loss, which i want to share with you, guys, according to my personal view, exercise is most important for weight loss, take exercise regularly, and also avoid fast foods, because fast foods, is harmful for your health, you should eat that foods, which quantity your stomach can digest easily ...

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    Hi all,

    Once the first important part as most have mentioned - exercise and diet are right (grass fed/free range, veg, low sugar and good fats plus lots of water) I would recommend 6 key supplements which most people are deficient in that normally means you cannot naturally achieve your bodies optimum level of performance.

    Multivitamin - primarily for detox purposes, we are exposed to radiation from computers and phones in modern life, also plastics, fabrics that actually cause chemicals to be stored in fatty tissue.

    Omega 3 - recommended a 1.5g per % of body fat (10% = 15g of omega 3) split evenly between each meals (5 breachie, 5 lunch etc). Omega 3 is found in every cell in your body, Cavemen used to get huge amounts of omega 3 from grass fed (plus the soil was nutrient rich) plus often ate what was lying around which included left over animal brain which was also very high in omega 3 (although I wouldn't eat brain).

    In proper dosages they also turn on the lipolytic genes (responsible for fat burning) and turn off the lipogenic gene (responsible for storing fat).

    Plus they improve brain function as EPA regulates blood supply to your brain. DHA in the omega3 is important brain membranes, memory and cognitive function.

    Vitamin D3 - - AKA the sunshine vitamin, apparently we need 15 minutes 3x4 times a week full body exposure for our body to be able to produce this in the body, sunscreen, sunglasses or any clothing inhibits the bodies ability. So most people are deficient. Vit D deficiency causes muscle weakness. Tests showed that optimum levels of D3 demonstrated significant improvement in performance speed, and muscle strength.

    Lipoic Acid - Also found in every cell in the body. It is a short chain fatty acid produced in the liver. Supports detoxing chemicals, improves energy levels, faster lean muscle mass gains, improved insulin sensitivity, increased fat loss. Taken with L'carnitine they will improve insulin sensitivity and priming the androgen receptors, creating a better muscle building, fat burning environment.

    L-Carnitine - imrpoves blood flow to muscle tissues, greater oxygen ability, resulting in less damage from training and faster recovery. Best results were demonstrated when taking with Lipoic acid and Omega3.

    Zinc and Magnesium - Our bodies cannot actually store zinc so most people are deficient even if they have good diets. Zinc is also found in every tissue in the body and is directly involved in cell division. Low zinc means low testosterone, it is vital for you best energy levels, and body composition. Plus can act as a sleep aid.

    Most of the deficiencies are due to modern living and our bodies having not evolved to cope with being indoors, exposure to radiation, pesticides and chemicals or less active lifestyles. The combination here is how people actually loose fat and gain muscle at the same time, it creates the optimum environment for your body to gain lean muscle and loose fat.

    Hope that was helpful, diet and exercise are the key supplements are the extra 10% which does make a difference but only if everything else is right. No supplement will help with lack of training, good diet or lack of effort.

    A bit of a shameless plug but about 2 weeks ago we released a 30 day supplement pack for athletes and aspiring fighters containing each of these in the correct dosages called the Ectomuscle Fighter V-packs. We purposely made them affordable so they weren't out of anyone’s reach. Be cool to hear everyone’s thoughts.


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