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    Is there any other super heavy weight amateur fighters out there or am i only one would like to sort some fights out March/April time so if there are any promoters who can sort me a fight out let me know. Im training to get down to heavy weight class max 120kg for sept time but would like a few fights this year so let me know.

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    120kg of muscle?!
    Amatuer Kickboxer: 3-0-0

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    I have a 115kg Amatuer looking for a match up for 'Back Into The Cage' March 12th, but its in Andover, Hants.. so a bit of a trek for you..

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    thanks mad dog whats max weight?

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    Good question! usually we only allow a 1kg weight difference but at superHW its usually 100kg+ as an open class.. does 5kg make a lot of difference at 115kg? I would have to ask the other fighter if he is happy with the weight difference i guess, why what would you be at by March?

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    after convo with my trainer he says i should wait til may time sorry mate but thanks for the offer keep me in mind if u sort another night out

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    im also pretty interested in this, 120kg of muscle? mad dog is your 115 guy all muscle?

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    im not all muscle mate far from it i am training loads tho.

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    Sorry JamesT I have him matched up and yes they are both 115kg of muscle!! Its scary when you watch them do pull ups with someone hanging on their back like a rucksack.. bonkers!

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