its 100 % true that tests for HIV, Hep B and C and cat scans mean its safer to fight. Its only a matter of time before something terrible happens. In Sweden in december greg Knapp had to have blood tests and was given a medical that meant the looked at his heart beat after excerise. Basically a much more thorough medical than ive ever had in the UK which sometimes is just 2 mins filling in a form and having your blood pressure taken. In poland they insist in HIV, Hep tests. In canada it was HIV, Hep tests, and Cat Scan and another brain test which im not sure of the name for and a thorough medical. UK MMA is the wild west of MMA. We have great fighters and teams but terrible organistation other than some stella promotions.

The diversity in MMA in the UK is crazy, some shows are awful, and the fighters they have on there are in no fit state to be fighting, no skills and unfit and possibly HIV, Hep B or Hep C positive but they have a heart beat.

The big promotions in the UK should take the lead and make proving you dont have a blood condition a must. I think if a governing body is far away then it would be a very wise idea for the biggest promotions in the UK to get together and have some sort of trade standard when it comes to the medicals and blood tests.

Someone will get hurt in the end and everyone will be pointing the finger of blame at UK MMA.