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Thread: top 10 kickboxing fights of 2010

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    Default top 10 kickboxing fights of 2010

    Links to all ten fights here ^

    Tyrone Spong v. Jerome Le Banner

    Bovy Sor. Udomson v. Takaaki Umeno

    Yuya Yamamoto v. Scott Shaffer

    Tetsuya Yamato v. Yuta Kubo

    Peter Aerts v. Ewerton Teixeira

    Mike Zambidis v. Chahid Oulad El Hadj

    Gokhan Saki v. Daniel Ghita

    Peter Aerts v. Semmy Schilt

    Mosab Amrani v. Mohamed Khamal

    Pornsaneh v. Pakon

    Currently watching them all
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    After watching the first five and so far my favourite has to be Yamamoto vs Shaffer. Cracking fight - great technique and spirit from both fighters and no clear winner until one of the most amazing KO's I've seen in a long time.
    The best moment of my life was being punched in the face by Liam Harrison.

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    round 4 of Pornsaneh vs Pakorn at Lumpinee is/was the most amazing round i think anyone alive in thailand has wittnesses..I was lucky enough to be ringside and the whole place went mental - everyone up and cheering, and the writers/press/trainers all present said about the most amazing round of fighting they had ever seen...

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    I've not got to that one yet! haha The guy that compiled the list did say it was all gonna be kickboxing/k-1 but that Pornsaneh vs Pakorn was too good not to include. Up to Saki vs Ghita. This is a great introduction to k-1 etc. I know the winner of the last MAX and I watched the 70kg Japanese GP but that's about my knowledge of it. I've been training muay thai for a while but don't really know much about Thai fighters etc - liverkick is pretty good for that too.
    The best moment of my life was being punched in the face by Liam Harrison.

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    right now thais to watch are

    Saenchai (Sor Kingstar, Sor Seanchai, 13 coins or now Sinbigym)
    Sarm A
    Nong O
    Pornsaneh (back at Sitmonchai after a stint at 13-coins)
    Khem Sitsongpeenong now (used to be Khem or Kem Faitex)

    bung those lot into youtube and enjoy

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    Cheers mate - I know of Saenchai and obviously Pornaneh from that list but never heard of the others, will definately get them searched! thanks
    The best moment of my life was being punched in the face by Liam Harrison.

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    This is a great thread guys thanks.

    Yak for the inevitable Thai knowledge and also, I've been through the links above - some cracking fights. Saves me trawling through endless garbage of average fights with a knockout here and there.
    Also, I didn't get to see the Jerome vs Tyrone fight before so I'm chuffed.
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    thanks for this - wife going out saturday so going to make a point of watching these. Already seen the Pornsaneh v Pakorn fight and its immense.

    btw - fights from Lumpini etc are regularly uploaded to if you're looking for regular MT action
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    Soreshin - amazing! thank you!

    I think my favourite from that list was probably Yuya Yamamoto v. Scott Shaffer, the end of the fight sealed it for me, but it was a cracker overall.
    The best moment of my life was being punched in the face by Liam Harrison.

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    ah kud nock owt most of these fellas from the videoz. I divvn undastandz why a lot o guys train moo thai when yer can do simple boxin tecknicks and k.o some top kickboxers like.

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