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Thread: cage fighter Aman Salhan

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    Does kinda sound like know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by west london View Post
    lol no he didnt bum lets just say that i know the difference between right and wrong and have be brought up in a way to respect others and not to cause any harm to anyone...he was far stronger than me and we never crossed paths in a negative way but that doesnt mean the things he did were right.. ive seen things first hand and the list of twisted things hes got away with in the past is horrible... burgulary, car theft, muggings and rape.. the list is endless.. and the law in this country managed letting him get away with far too much for far too long.. i feel sorry for his family having to be associated with such a person.. well thats if they havent disowned him already.. im a great believer in karma, what goes around comes around.. il leave it on i think the worlds a better place without people like him..
    WTF? Are you serious West London? You know him do you? Tell us exactly how you've come to know about his long list of previous crimes? If you really knew him you wouldn't have written any of the above statements, funny enough you probably know he's the type of person who couldn't care less about what others think or say about him and that he wouldn't even bother to entertain comments like this.
    I don't agree with what he did, I don't agree with drugs full stop, enriching your life with the proceeds of drug money at the expense of another's downfall is totally unacceptable. However I don't agree with people making false accusations and allegations about others neither.
    Burglary, muggings, car theft and rape? WTF are you on? That is complete BS! Why do I say that? Why can I say that with such certainty? Ive been friends with him since the age of 7. I know every incident he's had with the police.
    I only signed up to this forum to straighten out the nasty comments you've made about hi
    Whatever your reasons are for making such allegations I sincerely feel for you because I think it's pathetic you would go on a forum and paint such an ugly picture of a person to people who are none the wiser. Like I said before I am dead against drug dealing so he is getting punished for what he has done wrong, which I think is justice. But what I feel is really sad is that you would go onto a forum and post such lies?
    As far as robbing his own family for money? Lol He helps elderly people cross the street and would come to anyone's aid who he could help, I've seen it too many times.
    You've obviously passed judgement in him based on stories you have heard because there is no fact to the statements you have made, it seems quite sad then that you would wish for someone to rot in hell on that basis.
    Please stop misinforming people and having such hate for someone you clearly have no real relationship with to have formed such opinions, you'll sleep much better at night

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