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Thread: HELP! Pleuracy & Immune Advice Needed

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    Default HELP! Pleuracy & Immune Advice Needed

    Been really poorly since the end of November with what I took to be a heavy dose of flu. Not trained or been near any gym since last week in November and had 3 bouts off work, most recently this week. Stupidly I keep going back in before Im ready with best intentions and thus Ive got 3 black bouts of absence instead of one continuous.

    Anyways, it transpires I have Pleuracy AGAIN. Had it in Summer 2009. Has anyone suffered from it? What were you given? How did you recover? Im on 500mg Amoxycillan 3 times per day and a temporary inhaler. My lungs feel like Ive got two daggers stuck in them and like someone is constantly squeezing them to make me splutter.

    Im told once you've had it, you are susceptable to it in future, particularly on the back of flu or injuries to and around the ribs which prevent you from exhaling crap from your lungs completely.

    Between Sept 2009 and Aug 2010 I was on a very heavy course of painkillers including tramadol, codeine, oral morphine and gabapentin for a spinal injury resulting in a successful operation and me back training and functioning properly. I do seem to get ill a lot more frequently and the bad effects of alcohol and large meals is extremely noticable since my medication.

    Has anyone had any similar experiences? Do you think my immune system has been weakened? If so is it irreversable?

    Im quite worried to be honest. I just want to crack on and have 12 months where Im not ill or seriously injured.

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    Not had it myself but my Nan did, as far as I was aware if you get rid of it like any other infections i.e antibiotics and lots of rest, if you're not getting enough rest and going back to work before it's fully cleared up, it probably wasn't gone in the first place and you've just let the infection take over again.

    Your immune system might be low due to fighting the infection constantly that's causing your pleurisy, but if you rest enough and make sure the infection is fully gone before you start again, your immune system should be back to full strength in no time.

    Then again yours might be caused by something other than infection, so you may aswell forget what I said lol.

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    Haha. I appreciate you takin the time bud. Your PHd is in the post.

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    I had it with pneumonia, like you said its about as painful as having a few broken ribs but it goes on for ages. I was given pain killers with my anti-biotics (Same dosage as you for the anitbiotics and same drug). I feel for you as its incredibly painful but you just have to ride it out. I remember when I had it I was about 15? 16? and would be balled up in pain - my friend kept telling me skunk was a good cure for pain so I was getting blazzed and then Iwould hear a joke and laugh and laughing absolutely killed - even at the hospital whilst waiting at A&E I was still sneaking out to get high (awaits approval from Xantic lol) and of course this turned it into a pretty serious situation. So.... don't smoke da ganja till after de recovery mon. Apart from that rest up dude, you actually need to be somewhere warm and damp free for a week or two and dont feel guilty - that shit can be serious

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    Oh - and I have never had it come fully back but when I had it I had aromatherapy massage that really really helped. The masseur was a South African lady and she did reflexology as well, she actually could tell which lung was injured by massaging my feet (I shit you not - and she did not know anything about why I was there). Anyhow - its pricy but I recommend it - and test them by not telling them your diagnosis.

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