For those that don't go over to EFN forum, here are Faixa Rua's inimitable thoughts on the bjj stripe system. I wonder if Creonte has any thoughts..

frens is import for get strips for sure

faixa branca

1 strip- for do submission in academie

2 strip- for do sweep an then submit in academie

3 strip- for be able no get tap by small faixa azul in academie

4 strip- for smash MMA cock faggot who make mistake an put on kimono

faixa azul

1 strip- for tap judo faixa preta in academie

2 strip- for do big hip throw in party on karate guy when drunk

3 strip- for double leg big cock faggot on beach who steal your wave

4 strip- for go other acadamie an smash faixa roxa there.

faixa roxa

1 strip- for do flyin headybutt in disco an shout JIU JITSU!

2 strip- for do vale tudo fight an submission

3 strip- for put on 10 kilo muscell from dead lif an squat

4 strip- for do no gi tournament an tap faixa preta

faixa marrom

1 strip- for win mundial

2 strip- for teach many classes when faixa preta feel lazee

3 strip- for buy faixa preta PS3

4 strip- the faixa preta jus stalling you now