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Thread: Stripes in BJJ

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    Default Stripes in BJJ

    For those that don't go over to EFN forum, here are Faixa Rua's inimitable thoughts on the bjj stripe system. I wonder if Creonte has any thoughts..

    frens is import for get strips for sure

    faixa branca

    1 strip- for do submission in academie

    2 strip- for do sweep an then submit in academie

    3 strip- for be able no get tap by small faixa azul in academie

    4 strip- for smash MMA cock faggot who make mistake an put on kimono

    faixa azul

    1 strip- for tap judo faixa preta in academie

    2 strip- for do big hip throw in party on karate guy when drunk

    3 strip- for double leg big cock faggot on beach who steal your wave

    4 strip- for go other acadamie an smash faixa roxa there.

    faixa roxa

    1 strip- for do flyin headybutt in disco an shout JIU JITSU!

    2 strip- for do vale tudo fight an submission

    3 strip- for put on 10 kilo muscell from dead lif an squat

    4 strip- for do no gi tournament an tap faixa preta

    faixa marrom

    1 strip- for win mundial

    2 strip- for teach many classes when faixa preta feel lazee

    3 strip- for buy faixa preta PS3

    4 strip- the faixa preta jus stalling you now

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    I have seen fellow students get VERY upset because they did not get a stripe I have even been told people have left and joined another academies because they were surpassed stripe wise STRIPES are more than bit of tape to alot of people lol.

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    There's a whole (serious) discussion in the original thread summarising the different points of view:

    My own opinion is that they are quite valuable at white belt for showing progress (and therefore giving motivation) during what is possibly the most difficult period of your bjj life (and probably the point at which people are most likely to give up). From blue on I think it matters less in terms of motivation.

    The best advice I have seen/heard is to just train, and let the belts/stripes/whatever take care of themselves. This is clearly quite challenging for most people, with human nature being what it is. I started bjj quite a while ago, and due to stopping training for very long periods of time, I have seen people I used to tap when we were both white belts becoming purple belts while I remained at white.

    But while that used to bother me, eventually you realise there's no point in worrying about it, and recognition of your progress (from your instructors) will come.

    Having said all that, I was still well chuffed and proud to get my blue from Wilson, Dickie and Simon
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    I look forward to Creonte's views on them! Faixa Rua has solid real good points though.
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    In an academy with a lot of white belts the stripe system is of great help to the instructor. It allows you to monitor the students progress much more accurately in terms of marking steps towards a blue belt. If everyone had a straight white belt it would be much harder to work out.

    I see stripes on white belts as an indicator of progress along these lines.

    1 stripe- you have a basic idea of what's going on, trousers no longer on back to front, belt tied correctly, can do a breakfall , rolling and from a throw, basic understanding of positions and subs, able to roll without excessive spazzing.
    2 stripe- starting to do some jiu-jitsu, able to hold and escape a dominant position and do some submissions.
    3 stripe- doing some nice jiu-jitsu, starting to develop a few positions to a reasonable level eg hitting loads of triangle, having a good couple of sweeps and definitely starting to show good movement eg good hip escape and guard replacement.
    4 stripe- I don't generally give 4, once you're a 3 stripe white belt you can deal with almost all beginners and give trouble to blues on a good day. You shouldn't need more motivation at this stage of training.

    All just a very rough guide and my own opinion and bear in mind that stripes don't mean that much at all compared to a blue belt.

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    able to roll without excessive spazzing

    10 char

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    Can someone give a brief description or an example of what 'spazzing' actually is? I've heard the term a lot but I'm really not sure what it means and more to the point whether I do it or not.

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    if you don't know what spazzing is, then it's likely you're the spazz. in my experience...
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Last Starfighter View Post
    Can someone give a brief description or an example of what 'spazzing' actually is? I've heard the term a lot but I'm really not sure what it means and more to the point whether I do it or not.
    Using all strength and no technique, ragging your opponent all over. Trying to power out of submissions etc.


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    Quote Originally Posted by david5 View Post
    if you don't know what spazzing is, then it's likely you're the spazz. in my experience...
    LOOOL You have a way with words mate . True enough though

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