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Thread: 22nd January 2011 is round 2 of the Southwest Submission Wrestling Championship

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    Default 22nd January 2011 is round 2 of the Southwest Submission Wrestling Championship

    Serious Pimp presents:
    The Southwest Submission Championship Round 2

    It will be held at Hutton Moor Leisure center, Weston Super Mare.
    Weigh in will start at 0930hrs

    15 entry fee on day or entry via paypal to ensure a space! ENTRY VIA PAYPAL ON THE FRONT PAGE OF

    Weight catergories will be standard with over 1 year and under 1 year in each weight.
    Under 68kg
    under 73kg
    under 78kg
    under 84kg
    under 93kg
    under 100kg


    There will be prizes fron our sponsors Serious Pimp and Pro Athlete supplements for each weight.

    The tournament will be the second of 4.
    A win will = 10 points and a loss = 5 points.
    At the end of the 4 tournaments the overall winner will be the fighter with the most points. A 1200 Omega Seamaster watch with papers will be the reward for the overall winner.

    No points, The bouts will be decided by the ref who will give the decision to the person who is actively trying to win the bout. 2 Minute overtime for stale fights.

    Fighters will have a minimum of two fights. All fighters who lose their first fight will be put into a pool tournament the winner of this tournament take third place.
    (This has been changed as most are more comfortable with this)
    All the best

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    Is the league table correct Alex?
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    is U73KG under 1 year sold out or something see no option to pay.

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    The table is correct (remember no points for the absolute Tim!)

    We have scrapped the Under 1 year sections for this event as all bar two weights were all lumped in together due to lack of numbers in the inder 1 year sections. However we will ask at the weighin and try to get all under 1 year guys matched together in the first bracket of the tournament.

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    Nah, the points are still wrong. I'll be there though, really enjoyed the last one.
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    im gonna fight even tho i got the euro's a few days later. gotta give tim some competition on the leaderboard
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    I had issues with some of the brackets that were handed in last time. The team has been changed so all teething problems should now be iorned out.

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    Looking forward to this, there's a fair few of us coming down from pure mma

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    Guys, There is a problem with my website so all entries will have to be on the day!

    After discussion with all involved we have come up with a solution for the 'unfairness' of the points system. only your first two fights will be scored. 10 for a win 5 for a loss. However the bonus points for 1st 2nd and 3rd still stand. CAN I HAVE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS PLEASE

    The pool system is still in place giving all fighters at least two fights (unless you are given a bye to the second round) however the winner of the main section will get gold, the loser gets silver. The winner of the pool will get Bronze.

    There no points for the absolute and it is a straight knock out tournament at the end of the day (free entry to all) 1st place will not get a trophy instead they will be given a stack of stuff for Pro Athlete Supplementation worth over 100.

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    great comp and day once again, really good atmosphere. happy with sliver. well done all who attended. roll on round 3!!!
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