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Thread: Running/jogging

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    Freak seeing as though your a fatty and you're trying to burn fat ya cant go wrong with a bit of everything. Some low intensity steady state stuff maybe before breakfast ( the thai runs are perfect ) but 1-2 a week max, maybe an interval/fartlek type run and some anaerobic stuff once or twice like stair / hill sprints. That way your getting fit and losing fat. Just my opinion. I can't stand steady state cardio it bores me to near suicide but I love hiit style stuff, its hard work mind.

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    I have built up to 6.5k and try and get done at least 15k a week so go 3 times a week if I can. Sometime its less than that dependent on how long I have and what days I can go. That way I have a target to acheive over the week which I need to meet and it pushes me to do it. Once I am comfortable I have up the distance or try and beat my time over a set distance.

    I hated cardio (still do to an extent) but I have gone from doing 2k a session to over 6k! just keep puching yourself and setting small targets as your fitness builds up.

    Good luck

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    I'm not a mad fan of running. If you just want to get used to running then don't go for distance try and get used to "time".

    So set a goal of running for 30 minutes, then up it.

    Once you feel comfortable running for periods of time, then aim for distance. I find 6 miles/10k is a good distance. You should be able to do it in around 50 minutes at a steady pace. For me that's optimum as it's at that point I start to get (very) bored.

    My wife is training for the Brighton Marathon. A year ago she's run for an hour and that would be it. Now she does 14-16 miles no problem. One thing she benefited from was having one of her mates run with her. I suspect they pass the time by chatting ;-)
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    I have worked my way up to 6km which I did early today in 41 minutes on a treadmil. I find it easier on a treadmill tho. Still I am happy with it and improving all the time.

    And Jamie i aint a fatty now I moved down to 77!

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    If it affects your other training its too much.

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    If it affects your other training its too much.
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    I started back to running 2 miles and then 5mile brisk walk incorperating long fast runs...Now im upto 10miles 5-6 times per week..down from 135kg to 127.5kg in is very good too..
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    I found that agressive loud music only keeps me going for so long, BUT randomly I have some old stand ups on my Ipod and play through them sometimes, not great for setting an earth shattering pace but good if your only trying to run at a decent pace for as long as you can.

    I found its a good way to take my mind off things, otherwise I start thinking about the length & number of songs and how long I have been running and it pisses me off.

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    Just run unti l they say stop. Lyke that forrist Gump fella. Yer myte grow a beard whil yer running if yer lucky to.

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    Are you wanting to work your aerobic system or using just it as recovery? If so you can do low intensity work other than cardio. Shadow boxing, skipping, hitting bags, drilling and even rolling are all just as effective (if not more) if you keep your heart rate in the correct zone.

    If your goal is to lose body fat then its best to just ditch it and correct the faults in your diet first. Losing fat is 70% diet. I'm assuming you do a few sessions of MMA a week? Strength training, circuit training or sprints are all much more effective for boosting your metabolic rate than steady state running. If your wanting to get lean I'd shoot for 2 sessions of them a week.
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