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Well lucky for you I happen to be a Texan currently living in California; so this is in my arena. It wouldn't be expensive if you can find an illegal immigrant; but midgets are in high demand, so you must reserve early. Perhaps a pinata in the form of a beheaded American filled with high quality reefer and 5 unruly, unsupervised children? If you really don't want to spend much, I have one more idea. An Easter Sunday tradition is to puncture a small hole at the top of egg shells, draining the egg from it. Dye & decorate them in Easter Egg fashion. Fill them with confetti and glitter. When the time is right; everyone gets eggs and throw them. People, walls, cars, whatever. Even women and small children are open game to bomb.
er .... thanks .?

So why are midgets in such demand , is California home of the travelling Circus ?

Would a midget be better than a dwarf ?