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Thread: Does your academy have showers?

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    Default Does your academy have showers?

    If so, how many do you have and is having showers at your club important to you? Or could you happily do without them and just shower at home?

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    does yours? where do you train?
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    yea albeit a decrepit one from the 1950s

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    Quote Originally Posted by david5 View Post
    does yours? where do you train?
    His back garden

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    I wish we did. Ours in in a shared space that doesn't have any additional facilities except toilets.

    Who wants to build us a new gym somewhere, anyone got a few quid knocking about they can 'lend'...

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    Baby wipes guys. Or antiseptic wipes, whatever.

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    We have a couple but I just shower when I get home.

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    The Last Starfighter, who are you? Do you have deep-seated problems with your academy or do you just enjoy a bit of casual, covert trolling? I don't mind, sometimes your questions lead to interesting answers, but you post a lot of odd threads. Sometimes I think you might just be an enthusiastic forum-ite, but other times I think there are other agendas. e.g.:

    Does your academy have showers?

    Should a Muay Thai gym provide quality pads?

    Would you train at an academy that didn't have regular no gi classes?

    How cold is your dojo?

    Does your academy sell apparel?

    Forward and backward rolls?

    Do BJJ academies normally have a set syllabus for students?

    Warm ups?

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    I get the feeling the LSF is not currently training but would like to and has wanted to for a long time. I think by the type and amount of questions asked he has been putting it off and putting it off and keeps dipping his toe with questions instead of jumping in and getting wet. Procrastinating doesnt do you any favours.

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    WOW guys, TLF is only asking questions relating to the sport lol.

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