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Thread: Does your academy have showers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stapesmk1 View Post
    I get the feeling the LSF is not currently training but would like to and has wanted to for a long time. I think by the type and amount of questions asked he has been putting it off and putting it off and keeps dipping his toe with questions instead of jumping in and getting wet. Procrastinating doesnt do you any favours.

    This ^^^^

    Lsf just start training mate , the more you over think about it the less training you actually do . Trying to find the perfect place al the time before you start just isnt going to happen

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    Thought so. Wasnt getting at him.

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    Firstly, i just shower when i get home no big deal to me.

    Also, if you're nervous about going to train, i know the feeling.

    After doing TKD for 15 years and then wanting to try something different I was weird about it too, i even drove to a place once and never went in and drove home (stupid, i know) but eventually i just went in and everyone was cool and it was great fun.

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    lol fucking hell guys it's just a question about showers.

    Jay I can assure you that I am not a troll and my posts or threads have no agenda whatsoever. I hope that eases your concerns.

    Stapesmk1, you've sort of got me sussed. I am procrastinating about training BJJ. I see so much talk about politics/creonte/traitors etc in BJJ that I find it a little offputting to be honest. If I go to an academy and train there for a while but find that I don't particularly like certain things about it and leave to go somewhere else, then I'm a creonte right? That's fucked up man!

    I remember when I was learning to drive. My first driving instructor seemed like a nice guy but after a while I found that I wasn't progressing as well as I felt I should have been, so I left him and went to another driving instructor who was much better and helped me pass my test within weeks. That's how it should be imo. Should I have stayed with the first driving instructor out of some feeling of misplaced loyalty even though he was taking my money but not delivering the goods? It wasn't that he was a bad driving instructor he just wasn't right for me. I knew that I was crap at manoeuvres and I wanted to spend more time on them. But he didn't really think they were that important and wanted to focus more on just driving around aimlessly for two hours. And yes I failed my first driving test on a manouevre.

    Thankfully I didn't have to see that first driving instructor again when I left him. But if I leave a BJJ club and decide to compete in the future for my next club then there's a good chance that I will see my old BJJ instructor and to him I will be a snake won't I? So this has made me very hesitant about joining a BJJ place even though I would dearly love to train in it.

    David5, I do train but not at any one place as I have not yet found somewhere that I'd like to sign up as a member yet. I train at places where you can pay per session. My shower curiosity stems from the fact that I did a session at london shoot last week. The showers were out of action on the day I was there. To me this is not a big deal. I am happy to shower at home. But to some of the other people there it was a catastrophe. I though some of them were going to cry lol. Perhaps my questions are a little strange but that's surely no bad thing? I haven't tried to offend anyone and I certainly have no agenda.

    Now will you all please tell me about your showers?

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    as simon from carlson's put it (at least i think it was), white belt is the time to try academies and find a place to call home. what you're describing isnt a creonte
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    Can't remember his name but theres a fantastic story knocking about on a blog or a forum somewhere about an old school member of Carlson Gracie @ Hammersmith. b One night, efore he'd started, he drove to the Boiler Room and listened to the grunting and groaning inside on the steps below for over an hour. He fucked it off, but thankfully regained his composure, came back and the rest is history. He's done great things ever since and made a raft of lifelong friends and companions.

    Just bite the bullet and find whats for you. Best of luck with it.

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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