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Thread: The BJJ community?

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    Default The BJJ community?

    I've often heard politicians and journalists make reference to 'the international community' yet I've never really understood who they mean.

    I have also seen posters on various forums such as this refer to 'the BJJ community' and still not really understood who they're referring to? Is a no stripe white belt a part of 'the BJJ community' or is it an altogether more exclusive club?

    Do you feel a part of the BJJ community, if so, why? If not, again why?


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    If you do BJJ, you are automatically part of the community. How much you belong to/or contribute to, the communtiy is entirely up to you.

    Is a weirdo hermit, that doesnt leave his house part of the community? Yes. But does he contribute to it, not really. Does he deserve the support of the community, probably, will he get it, maybe.

    A 1 stripe white belt thats been training 4 months, never competed, never attended a seminar, never attended a competition, never been out for a beer with his team mate probably wont feel part of the community.

    A purple belt that has competed at probably more than 30 competitions,including those abroad, fought the same opponents more than once, lost and been happy to have lost, been to 3 hour seminars to come out with 1 awesome tech that falls slap bang right into the middle of your game, fought side by side with those that you could quite easily meet as an opponent at another comp, shared food at a Brazilain restaurant with your fellow team mates, helped/reffed at a comp, will feel every bit a part of the community to which he belongs.

    The long and the short is, you gets out what you puts in!

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    don't listen to him, flameboy doesn't represent the bjj community or it's views and policies

    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    shhhhhhhh its a secret community. BUT if you forward me your bank details I will transfer $1,000,000 into your account and approve your membership

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    I recall seeing Jeremy Paxman lost for words for once when Tony Benn asked him who "The international community" actually was. He eventually gave up trying to answer the question and said he didn't really know lol.

    As for the BJJ community? Domestically, I would say it's the people who run, organise and regularly attend the competitions.

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    So not the people who are dedicated to training regularly but for whatever reason dont compete?

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stapesmk1 View Post
    So not the people who are dedicated to training regularly but for whatever reason dont compete?

    I dont think any of the above posts say that? If you made a list of all the things that you could do, BJJ related. Like a tickabox. Saying, tick as many as you can that you have done.

    If you only ticked, trained BJJ for 1 month, you would probably be a small part of the BJJ community.

    If you ticked, 12 or more of the boxes, including attending comp, helping at comp, fought the same guy twice at 2 dif comps, done a seminar, understand the real meaning of "Porra", watch bjj on youtube while your wife watches fcuking ice dance shit. Done 2 bjj classes back to back. Slept in the gym between classes to save going home. Then Id say you are a larger part of the community that the 1st guy.

    You will only feel as big a part of the community that you actually are.

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    Flameboy my fren, I have just ticked the box 'watching BJJ on youtube whilst Ice dancing shit is watched by the wife' that made me lol!
    ''fren, purple must smash people. SMASH THEM.
    that is hequirement for purple
    purple belt dangerus man
    if purple belt cannot smash he not real purple'' Creonte

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    understand the real meaning of "Porra"

    What Flameboy said.

    I would also add: *ahem* inadvertently triangling girlfriend/wife while messing around in bed; trying on your new belt on your dressing gown in the mirror at home; "getting" Creonte's posts (non-bjjers wouldn't be able to appreciate that he's the funniest man in the world as well as a double hard bastard). These are probably more like signs of obsession, but it seems that most people in "the community" are obsessed to some extent.

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    its definatley a community, I have friends at Carlsons, I train at Roger. I have friends at smaller clubs who focus on No Gi, friends stateside, pretty much everyone knows everyone or knows someone that does. BJJ is incestuous, like it or not, its one big community. Multi cultural, no race or standing, it done matter who you are , you are welcome...

    thats how I have found it

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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