Walking into work in the City this morning, I saw a young guy (early 20's) wearing a billboard, stood on the pavement. Bear in mind, Bank tube station at 8.30am is literally manic, and there were hundreds of people heading each way.

My first thought was "Wow, usually the Crazies are older and less well dressed", then I actually read the sign he was wearing -

Bath 2011 Graduate, Keen to Work

You can help Kickstart my career in Finance

Talk to me...

Awesome. Stood there with a smile on his face literally trying to sell himself with hundreds of people bumping into him, ignoring him, but importantly some stopping and talking to him as well. With so many students banging on about not getting jobs, it was great to see someone going out there and doing something about it. I had a brief chat with him and he seemed like a good guy who was struggling to get a job using the traditional methods, and this was just one of the alternative things he was trying.

Hopefully he'll get a job off the back of this. I managed to get him an interview at my company this morning, and I saw the guy who spoke to him after me give him details, so if nothing else at least he's got a few opportunities.

Anyway, thought it was nice to see someone going out and getting what they wanted, took a lot of balls to stand in the busiest street in London pimping himself out!