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Thread: Hitting a wall

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    Davids, As one of your coaches my advice would be this- Concentrate in the area's you know you are weakest.

    Against white belts try and only use submissions and sweeps on your 'bad side'

    Against Blue Belts try and fight each opponent from whichever position he is at HIS strongest,because if you can win when you're allowing
    him to play his game then you are doing really well.

    Against Purple Belts try and use your absolute A game and give them fits,never let them get their grips,be relentless in your attacks so they
    have to defend and keep your base and posture at all times.

    Against Brown and Black Belts- Have a plan,just try and achieve 1 sweep,or 1 guard pass,just think about what you want and try and get it.And don't
    get tapped as you're trying.

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    DoubleJab - Thanks, that's the type of thing I was after. I don't think I could cope if I stopped training but perhaps changing your regime and thus training partners would be good.

    Nenki - It's that type of thinking that makes magician's (and politician's) jobs a lot easier.

    David - Will you be training again by the 31st?

    Simon - I understand what you're saying about the shoe laces but I was thinking more along the lines of, you've rapidly got down to 11.00 but you just can't seem to progress any further to break that limit. You're coach tells you that you're capable of low 10s and you (think) you do everything he says. In this case, maybe there's something you need to change, in your life, your training, the way you think about training. What have people who have come up against this barrier changed in order to break it? I think practising what you're bad at is probably a good one. Perhaps that could be the cause of the problem, you can't get better at what you're good at until what you're bad at has caught up?

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    davids- the shoelaces analogy was aimed at akirab not you.

    Also,let white belts mount you and try to escape.When you can escape every white belts mount try it with blues.
    Your jiu jitsu will open up when you know even if you make a mistake and end up in a bad position you can def escape without getting

    Also take your Gi off once a week-this will develop your game in the gi too.

    Compete more Gi and No-Gi,whenever you can.

    Lift heavy weights,not those light ones i saw you playing with last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davids View Post
    David - Will you be training again by the 31st?
    not sure man. my knee is pretty jacked up but i hope so!!
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    Just keep training

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    Would a blue/purple belt ever feel the need to tell a white belt that he's working the weakest parts of his game? I imagine that if the higher grade got tapped by the white belt, his ego would make him want to explain why and how it happened?

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    A blue/purple should be able to defend against a white belt even if he's working the weakest part of his game.
    If he gets tapped making any sort of excuse is dishonourable and weak.

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    Thinking about what to do when you hit a wall is a great way of ruining a nice wave.

    Just enjoy your training, whether riding high or grinding your way through the session after a 12 hour day at work you are supposed to be having fun. It doesn't all end at black belt with a ticker tape parade, you just keep training because you enjoy it and it makes you feel great.

    If you hit a sticking point you should talk to your coach and he will help you get over it but upswings and plateaus are part of the game. Varying your training, competing, more strength or flexibility training do some Judo, all good. Just don't stop training.

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    I've been thinking about this for a long time, ever since I've seen friends get so frustrated about it and end up making er... big changes. I just want to be prepared and figured a thread on here might help some others as well.

    Basically it seems that variety is the spice of life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akiraB View Post
    Please don't reply with,"Just keep training"

    I heard that quote before but at my new club if i am doing something wrong i get feedback.It's like if you are running with your shoe laces tied, it's pointless if i just tell you to keep running.. better advice would be untie your lace.
    What if the person insists they want to run with laces tied because they saw it done that way on the internet?

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