I met a guy on wed night who gained his blue belt in bjj in 03. He has been training along time, off and on. Im sure it would be the best part of ten years and i have seen him in nogi grappling comps over the years cleaning up in his divisions. I 'dont think' that he trains in the gi that often anymore and he seems to compete almost exclusively in nogi comps and mma fights.

In his fights he is totally dependant on his bjj and believes in his skills. He is 3-1 in pro mma.

My point - after training with him i was very surprised..his jiu jitsu was very 'basic' but fundamentally solid ie he did used techniques that where probablly taught to him in the first 6mnths in training to great effect. No fancy moves, all basic well timed and exequted techniques. The guys he rolled with where young, strong and intermediate/ advanced level competitors. I was amazed how simple his take was on guard passing and watched him cut through the guys guards that he was rolling with and sub them with relative ease.

A real eye opener.

Anyone here use the simplest techniques to great effect? Id be very interested to hear.

*waits for comments that Roger Gracie has a simple game*