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Thread: Sound Basics

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Natural View Post
    Good comment.

    Is there any literature or dvd avilable that concentrates solely on basics?

    Im a 'stickler' for details.
    Saulo Ribeiro's book Jiu Jitsu university is great for basics, and incredible value for money. If you have some cash to burn, buy Joe Moreira's triplet of guard books. I'd suggest Saulo's first though.

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    I would never argue with Saulo's book, dvds or anything that man touches being the best. I don't think he lays out a game plan however. His book is a fantastic encyclopedia and along with his dvds, you really have it all there.

    As for a good resource on the basics, I love the following:

    1. Jiu Jitsu 101 and 102 by Roy Harris or Roy Dean's Blue Belt curriculum
    Roy is amazing as an instructor. Of course, you could say that about a number of instructors out there, but in 101 and 102 he gives you the "fundamentals" that this thread was asking about, in a very methodical manner. He systemizes the aforementioned Moreira's wealth of knowledge.

    2. BJ Penn MMA book of knowledge
    I know this is an MMA book, but Basic Fundamental BJJ IS old school MMA. When you move from MMA to pure grappling, you create new scenarios which simply call for innovative solutions coz you can't punch and you're not worried about getting punched---enter advanced solutions!

    3. Gracie University blue belt curriculum
    Kinda similar reasoning to this as to BJ's book with the addition that the amount of details provided here is redonkeyolus! They cover 36 techniques but each techniue has up to 4 variations and add-ons. Say what you want about Gracie University as a teaching method but no one can argue that the actual content in the dvds/online lessons and camera angles and level of instruction is amazing. No one (not even........I'm gonna say it....Saulo) breaks down these basic techniques as detailed as Gracie Combatives.

    The above are my favourite answers to the question: "Where can I learn what the basics of jiu jitsu are?"

    All the best mate. Let us know how it goes
    The Part Time Grappler - Just Google BJJ / Grappling Tips and you'll find me

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    Quote Originally Posted by davids View Post
    Let me just play Devil's advocate here for a second. Take for a second De La Riva, he was super awesome because he was brought up in an environment where everyone did the basics to a very high level. He made his name because he was 'forced' to come up with something new and less basic to overcome the guys that were physically stronger and awesome at the basics. I ( as a humble blue belt) think that everyone can be better than they are at the basics and often it will be more worthwhile improving that part of your game but you shouldn't necessarily forget the more 'flashy' moves. My favourite and highest percentage move could be considered flashy by some. And what fun would it be if we just did the same stuff over and over? Fair enough if you want to be a UFC champion, but for us mere mortals who are just too old to be the best, it's just so much fun to learn the crazy stuff!

    Plus all that flash stuff looks really cool. Look at Mike Russells fights - very entertaining.

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    Some great stuff on this thread.

    thanx for the replies - just a quick repsonse as regards additional resources.

    1. I have bj's book
    2. I was just thinking abvot getting saulo's today
    3. I have roy harris 101 (i think) i need to dig that out.

    Thanx for the pointers - when investigating something i try to get info that provides as precise details as possible.

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