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Thread: Top Boxing Coaches in London, then in UK?

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    Default Top Boxing Coaches in London, then in UK?

    Looking for a pro coach, who is regarded as one of the best in boxing. pref in London, but if people think that someone in maybe manchester or something is better, then lets have them too

    Not looking so much for a gym, mainly a coach to help sharpen up someones skills and help them out with stuff.

    thanks people. I have zero clue on boxing. I spoke with Adam Booth, but then after what seemed very promising convo, turned to nothing and not heard back since, so now looking for that kind of level coach...

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    feel free to include me as I have a professional trainer/second licence with the BBBC and my own gym in kent..

    I also look after 3 boxers, one woman pro and 2 guys...

    feel free to PM me if i dont meet your needs and I will give you another guy who is pure boxing who i train wtih. I have worked with quite a few pros in the boxing world, trainers and fighters...

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