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    hey guy i'm doing my third kickboxing fight tonight and it seems i have overtrained a little yesterday considering i did about 4 hours of exercise, i woke up this morning and most my gluteal muscles (butt muscles ;D) ache aswell as my shoulders and parts of my back i made the bad mistake of not doing a cool down yesterday -.-. So does anyone have any tips or ideas to ease the pain/make it more flexible. I'm sure i could go on with the fight whether i get rid of the aches or not
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    not ideal heading straight into your fight with that, you should really have a few rest days before your fight!! but as you say it wont stop you fighting, once you get in there your adrenalin will carry you through but might take you a bit longer than usual after the fight to feel ok!
    just make sure for your next fight you train smart and dont do 4 hours of exercise the day before!!!

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    well i had my fight and smashed him like you said once i got all my gear on and the fight started i forgot my aches and won
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