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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    For the lower belt yeah, they should go 100%. That doesn't mean spazzing and squeezing heads though. 100% doesn't mean letting technique go out the window.

    I don't care what people try on me though, they can squeeze my head, stack me with all their weight (and I have a few guys I roll with who have 50kg on me), attempt to choke me across my jaw etc... that's what can happen in a fight, I want to be able to deal with it. If I give up my back (on purpose or otherwise) and they pull my collar across my teeth, that's my fault and I need to learn to get out of there. If it's legal in comp I have no problem with it. However, if they do want to do that stuff they may not like what happens after I escape quite as much And if they're trying stuff which isn't helping then I'll teach them and show them what is better to do. That's jiu-jitsu. If I'm the higher grade I should be able to control things, if I decide I don't fancy getting crushed I should be able to go to feet on hips or sweep and take top position.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thai-jitsu View Post
    Its not high intensity rolling which bugs me, I like a fast paced difficult roll.

    Its the douchebags that squeeze shit, your jaw mostly, or try to squeeze your head/ribs with their thighs. The "spaz" guy that flail around aimlessly. The "im gonna grapevine his calf til he taps" guy. Or the "Jam my elbow into anything til he taps" guy.

    I had a roll wi a more senior grade recently & I was blowing out my arse escaping subs, regaining guard etc & he wasnt even breathing slightest bit harder! I was trying recognised techniques & really putting the effort in, as he was so superior to me, he could deal with it easily.

    The guys im talking about tho woulda pulled guard, squeezed his ribs & pressed an elbow into his throat til he got fed up & called time, tapped to boredom or taught him a lesson! The whole squeezin something til he taps is my biggest irritant of rolling.
    I know what you mean bro and feel your pain. I do however agree that it's all part and parcel of how BJJ is a vehicle to learn how to deal with shit life throws at you.

    As long as it's in the rules, they can do it and it's my job to learn how to deal with it. It could be a smooth armbar or an elbow dig. My last post was about the hand/arm in the neck.

    What they do to you doesn't have to be beautiful jiu jitsu. What you do to solve it will be

    Having said that, the less of a douche bag, the more friends
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