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Thread: Booze about to cost more.....!?

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    Thumbs down Booze about to cost more.....!?

    Surely this makes no sense?

    This is just cloak and dagger tax gathering really isn't it?

    If 'binge' drinking is the supposed reason behind this is increasing the prices going to make any difference, i personally don't think it will.

    It's become socially acceptable to go out and get absolutely wankered in this country and behave in a way that is likely to ruin the night out of everyone you come in to contact with (yes....we've all done it/do it!) but you don't necessarily see this abroad where drink is FAR cheaper, so why increase the prices!?

    I don't know what the answer is, but i do object to having to pay more to enjoy the odd bevvi or two in the evening in the privacy of my own home!
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    Hit the nail on the head there. The Government must be realising they've squeezed every possible penny out of the average motorist lately, so it's time to pick on a different demographic (for now). It's the vicious taxation circle - motorists, drinkers, smokers.

    Although, to be fair, this latest Government has shown balls of steel in smashing everyone with a VAT increase. If that's not daring you to vote for someone else next time, what is?

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    I don't really drink at all, but I can't believe people buy this ****. Lying thieving scum. This country is ****ed.

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    I never drink but this reeks of bullshit.

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    I totally agree with the original post.

    I drink very little alcohol but the government's tactics still really irritate me. I think the previous government were toying with the same idea for some time. They pull the wool over joe public's eyes and think we will gobble up any crap they try to feed us.

    Who remembers the case of Garry Newlove who was beaten to death outside his own family home by a gang of drunk reprobates a few years ago. The government's answer at the time was to propose an increase in alcohol price which really incensed me. How is that in any way addressing the problem? They had to be seen to be doing something but rather than tackling the issue directly by increasing police presence and dealing out stiffer punishment etc. which would obviously cost a lot of money, resources and time, they decided upon a price increase in alcohol. The much easier option which allows them to rake in more tax.

    As it has been mentioned before, so called 'drink related crime' is now very much a part of British culture as much as fish and chips is.

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    the tax is a fucking joke.

    price increase wouldn't affect my drinking though, im a big drinker and buy it regardless, infact alcohol is where the majority of my money already goes (apart from fucking petrol). but i live in aus where the beer prices are already a joke, standard cost for a pint of stella: $9 (5 quid), standard cost of a pint of an average local beer: $7.50 (4 quid). alot of the pubs around here charge over $10 for other imported "premium" beers like kronenbourg, which is hardly a premium beer in the first place.
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    The wankers are just stealing more money from the people IMO. That's all they ever do. Their job is to keep the country complaining as little as possible whilst extorting as much of the peoples cash from them as possible.

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    Two words " Home Brew" it compliments " Home Grown " very nicely

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    totally agree with the other posts, as someone else said this country is ****ed!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannybadger View Post
    totally agree with the other posts, as someone else said this country is ****ed!!!
    the uk isn't the only country run by a government that does it's best to fleece the populous as best they can.
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