What I find most ridiculous is that when someone earns money, they get taxed for earning it, when they spend it, they get taxed again, usually a large amount. In some cases the tax on items is insane, especially things like cigs and alcohol, atleast a third of peoples money must go on taxes, I wouldn't be surprised if it was quite a bit more for some others. ( Yeah I could be wrong, but that's just what it seems like to me lol )

Of course everything is going to have tax on it, but it's the amount of tax on the items which makes it pathetic. Also, taxes have gone up so much even since I was a teenager, I can remember when a box of 20 cigs was about 3 something, now it's like 6?.

I quit smoking a couple of years back but I still think it's ridiculous that the price could increase so much mainly because of taxes, especially when I haven't ever really seen any improvements or benefits for this increase in tax and they're now talking about scrapping a shit ton of our Navy and making cutbacks in the forces, that's one thing I'd be happy to pay taxes for.

My town is the same shit hole it has always been, they still keep dumping low life scum to live here, they were talking about building an entire new section to the town so they can basically house scumbags there that they don't want elsewhere, they just worded that part differently, but that's basically what it is.

They were also talking about building a fuck load more traveler sites in the area around my town, yeah, thanks for that you cunts. Not that travelers are bad people in general, but they tend to bring more than a few bad apples along with them who go around thieving shit and mugging people, enough of that already happens.

Yeah, I kind of went on a rant there.