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    CGJJ Stories from abroad are always excellent so without posting all over his thread has anyone else got any good tales they would like to share?


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    i chased and suplexed a mugger in rio.

    i was once hit by a man on a bicycle who turned out to be pedro rizzo
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    I have kind of a current one, that's nothing to do with me but deserves a mention, because everyone loves a bit of BJJ drama.

    I used to work in China (Hangzhou) and was looking for BJJ classes nearby, so e-mailed one of only two or three clubs in the whole of China back then (in Shanghai) to ask about lessons. I think it was being run by a black belt called Tony Passos, I later found out that Felipe de Souza had visited there a while back too, which was a bit weird as I was part of BJJ School for a while, and Felipe actually gave me my blue belt. Anyway none of that is important, all you need to know is I got put on SHBJJ's mailing list, and ever since I've got e mails from them about whatever.

    This morning I got this e mail in my inbox from some bloke called Silas(LOL):

    This is going to as many of SHBJJ's student base as I have emails for. Please feel free to forward this to anyone else you feel may be interested. I'm offering 10,000 RMB to any SHBJJ student who can beat me in a MMA match.

    Seems Ryan wanted to run his mouth about things he had no idea about concerning a guy named Ramsey and also telling people that I am teaching bullshit. The funny thing about that is when I moved to Shanghai 3 years ago, Ryan and I weighed the about the same, he actually weighed a few kg more, we rolled and he was submitted by me more than once. I was never submitted by him. Then he agreed to help me get ready for a fight I had in the USA by sparring with me. After about 1 minute into the fight, I landed a kick that not only droped him, but he refused to continue. That was all 3 years ago. I hear from russians that he asked them to beat me up. Even when Ryan and I were talking, he told me he wanted to take a knife and stab Ramsey with it in a dark ally becasue Ramsey didn't tell a potential student about SHBJJ and didn't answer an email the way he liked it.

    I am putting the reputation of my gym on the line by offering ANY student or teacher of SHBJJ 10,000 RMB if they can beat me in a MMA match. Time to put up or STFU!!! I am tired of Ryan running his mouth and the silly threats. You want to be a tough guy ryan? Show up and lets handle business or you can send your top student or students to try. I am calling your big mouth out.

    March 4th, my gym 7pm

    Silas Maynard
    Shanghai, china
    10k RMB is around a grand.

    Shit's going OFF out there!
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    hope they put it on youtube haha

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    Ku-mi-te! Ku-mi-te!

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    The funny thing is I don't know who any of these people are and I'm suddenly bang in the middle of a Shanghai turf war! The internet + martial arts = epic win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david5 View Post
    i chased and suplexed a mugger in rio.

    i was once hit by a man on a bicycle who turned out to be pedro rizzo
    I read the bit about the mugger when you posted it up before, not heard the story about Rizzo though can you tell us more!
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    - Taking a 45 minute cab ride in Sao Paulo to find out the gym had moved and the place had become a restaurant.

    - Dropping by an academy in Belem (the mouth of the Amazon) and sweating more than I ever thought possible after nightfall.

    - Trying to find a place to train in Manaus, I rocked up to a standard gym and asked if the guy knew anywhere to train jiu jitsu. He phoned a friend of his and said "Wait a minute." About ten minutes later, his friend showed up who turned out to be a black belt. He was a really nice guy but as we were walking and talking, seemed to be inspecting stolen mobiles offered to him by various acquaintances. Turned up at the academy later on which was quite an experience. It was above a restaurant and the instructor lived there as well. The matted area was about half the width of a standard bjj competition space, if that, but it was a bit longer. Right before the lesson the instructor asked me "Do you like rock music?" and then pulled out a cd case stuffed with heavy metal. Eventually he opted for Helloween and got the lesson started. It was hard to roll due to space, and the occasional bit of crumbled concrete dropping from the ceiling, but a great atmosphere and really fucking hard rolls. Also, Manaus was insanely hot in the evening.

    - I tracked down an email address for a place in Quito and emailed my best "Help with directions please" email that I could muster in broken spanish, only to get an email back from a guy who had spent plenty of time in America and could speak perfect English. Turned up and rolled, and gassed almost immediately, due to it being 2820m above sea level. I ended up spending a month there, and it was probably the hardest month of my life due to the altitude. Needless to say, it was good prep for some high altitude mountaineering I did later!

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