Power Balance Bands ....

I'm writing this as a non believer at the moment as I haven't tried the technology (giving it a go this weekend at a mates place), but anyone heard of these wrist bands ? A lot of sites say it's a hoax, but a lot recommend them too and the company itself has sold millions of them up until late last year. I'm not sure how new the product is, but there isn't currently a UK Site running from the main producers of it.

I have a friend who is one of those guys everyone has a mate like, who doesn't suffer fools. He got told about these bands, and being the level headed guy he is , he fobbed it off as a pile of crap. He now owns one after trying it and absolutely guarentees me they work. I'm not so sure , but I'm willing to try it , while trying to maintain a level head and not let the Placebo effect take control.

Anyhow, out of interest ... Vitor Belfort wears one and endorses the product (obviously for money!) : http://www.powerbalance.com/athlete-vitor-belfort Could it help him beat the Spider?

Any experience trying them here ?