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Thread: What do my cw friends think of my plan

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    Default What do my cw friends think of my plan

    Got a massive vet bill next week,and five rescues that cant really be rehomed for one reason or another and Im struggling. Works sparce and i wont claim benifits.Living the dogs life.Anyroad im having a market stall selling designer clothes to fund my rescue. Got about 3 grandes worth of stock retail prices,Paul Smith,Marlboro Classics,Burberry, etc,all genuine gear,new or as new. Just sold a paul smith hoody for 20 quid and a brand new g star jacket for same and made 15 quid and that was to mates.
    Any road Im def having a stall in near future in sheff or chessy and il have some vintage ufc tee shirts on there so if your local come and take a gander.
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    Bullbreed rescue and rehoming.PM for more info.

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    cut down on petrol costs by ditching your car and make a sled with the dogs. good for the environment and gives them exercise!

    nah man best of luck with your stall mitch

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    stick some of the clobber on ebay.
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    stick some of it on here in the 'For Sale' section

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonpride View Post
    stick some of the clobber on ebay.
    i recommend this, but the fees can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Although i did shift a load of old stuff i had a while back fairly easily

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    gumtree is free

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    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    stick some of it on here in the 'For Sale' section
    This is a good idea ME

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    either put them on here or on ebay defo...

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    set up a basic online shop

    when I was still running I used

    its free to upload up to 35 products at a time, with the option to buy additional slots

    run this along with your stall, even hand out a business card with your web adress on it along with each thing that you sell, so that you can generate repeat customers

    and as said, stick some on the for sale section on here

    ebay costs a fortune if your running a shop from it, so I wouldnt bother myself
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