I'm looking to visit either Montreal or Toronto later this year for about 4 - 6 weeks. The main aim of the trip will be training, with sightseeing and experiencing living in another part of the world a close second.

Training-wise I want to plug the holes in my game and improve my fitness and technical ability with a mix of group and private classes. Especially my no-gi grappling, boxing and takedowns. I'm going to aim to train twice a day most days.

However, I'd also like the place I'm living in to be nice, friendly and with plenty of touristy type stuff to see and do.

So far the two most viable options I've found are:


Staying here:


And training here mainly:


with the odd session here:



Staying here:


And training here mainly:


with the odd session at one or both of these places:



Does anyone have experience of any of these training facilities, or of any others for that matter, in either city? If so, any feedback welcome.

I'm considering doing some cycling, has anyone done this in either place?

Has anyone visited either city, especially in the areas I'll be staying in? Any thoughts, cautions, recommendations for food, sightseeing, museums etc etc gratefully received.

Also please post any other links for decent low cost (sub $800 per month) accomidation anywhere in the US and Canada. I've found loads of great places to train but its finding somewhere to stay on a budget thats tricky!