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Thread: matt hamill is the GOAT

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    Default matt hamill is the GOAT

    he is the only fighter to hold a W over jon jones

    it was a clear cut W

    he is the GOAT.

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    However, according to MMMaths, Mike B beat Hamil, ergo He is the Billy.
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    i hope you die in a car fire
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    Haha this place is slowly turning into Sherdog

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    Didnt hamill get totally raped on the floor, and only got the dq win (and a broken arm for his troubles) as bones was getting a bit trigger happy with the 12-6 elbows, or did I dream that.

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    Jones hammered him but got done for 12-6 elbows which didnt even cause the injury, was bullshit. I remember thinking Hamil seen the exit and took it. Might be wrong but thats how I felt at the time

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    Hamil was done before the elbows, he didn't see the exit....he was done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grake View Post
    Hamil was done before the elbows, he didn't see the exit....he was done
    And he didn't even hear it opening

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    hamill knew jones was inexperienced and let jones take mount to do the downward elbows and get DQ'd

    a pure veteran move in my opinion from the more experienced fighter, hamill deserves a shot
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    I loved the fact that he had blood in his eyes and couldn't see but was asked if he could continue!

    I had to call it off, he didn;t even answer me!

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