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Thread: LONDON 2012 Olympic Stadium - Whats your view?

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    Default LONDON 2012 Olympic Stadium - Whats your view?

    LONDON 2012 Olympic Stadium - Whats your view? WME-IMG

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    That geezer makes me not want to watch that vid.

    However, if tottenham get it then I can't see how they could continue to call themselves tottenham.

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    West Ham should get it

    end of thread

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    heard on news that Leyton Orient want a piece of the pie. Yeah i agree tottenhams home is tottenham, West Ham should get it WME-IMG

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    Leyton Orient have an average attendance of around 5k, what they gonna do.. knock the stadium down and put seating over the track area? West Ham will get, there backed by the local council and Seb Coe. Not a fan of football grounds with a fucking running track all around. Spurs wanting to knock then whole thing down is a joke.

    Im surprised the mighty super hoops haven't gotten in the act, given that we'll be back in the top flight come next season ;-)

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    "the olympics is not such a massive sport"


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    Quote Originally Posted by vileniall View Post
    "the olympics is not such a massive sport"

    no, just a massive event made up of a lot of very popular sports.
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    It brings in alot of money and extra jobs. Just think about how much security will be needed, not to include vendors/merchants and food.
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    yeah look at crystal palace stadium it looks like a derelict WME-IMG

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