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Thread: Injuries an ally in disquise?

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    Default Injuries an ally in disquise?

    Long story short. Hurt my fingers on my right hand-can't bend them but only cup them.

    Anyway, thought this was a hinderence but actually it's highlighted the weakness's in my game. Furthermore, it's forced me not to relie on certain grips which in turn has made me use half guard alot more. I see why they spar with on arm grabbing you belt now-You can tell people a million times to open up your game and try something new but you see them going for same grips like a bad habit they can't give up.

    I guess as a teacher it's simular to someone smoking and you tell them to give up but they still have the ciggeretes but if you take them away- they have to try something eles

    Anyone had similar experiances training though injurie?

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    years ago i suffered an injury which made me not want to do any full guard stuff (which was pretty much all i could do at the time), i started going half guard all the time and within a few months i had a new half guard game out of no where - twas sweet!

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