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Thread: List of BJJ Clubs in Scotland

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    Default List of BJJ Clubs in Scotland

    With regards to Meats idea, it would be usefull and interesting to have a full list of Clubs teaching BJJ.

    If you could put,

    Club Name;
    Main Instructor and his grade; (Not the guy your affiliated to)
    Contact number;

    Obviously guys who teach NoGi may be at a very good level but not graded, would also be good to have these clubs details as well.

    For example

    BJJ Scotland
    Marcos Nardini, Black Belt
    Lycans Fight Academy
    Holmquarry Road, Kilmarnock

    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    The Dojo
    Clackmannan Road
    FK10 1RR
    Josh Gavin 6th Dan
    (Hostile Territory)
    01259 214597

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    Dinky Ninja gyms.

    The Griphouse gym
    Doug McMaster Black belt
    Paul Mcveigh Brown belt
    Garry Christie Brown belt
    10 possil Rd Glasgow
    07710 769 490

    D-Unit MMA
    Marcos Nardini Black belt
    Doug Mcmaster Black belt
    Block 2 Griffon Centre East Block,
    Vale of Leven Industrial Estate
    07730 600855
    G82 3PD

    Lanark MMA
    James Doolan Purple belt
    carnwath hall
    carnwath main street
    07801 266050

    07710 769 490

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    Forth Valley, Scotland


    Scottish Martial Arts Centre / BOA
    Chris MacAteer, Blue Belt
    Dumyat Business Park, Tullibody

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    Great idea Rob, this will certainly allow me to get an idea of potential interest!
    Scotlands No. 1 Timekeeper also available as a BJJ/No Gi referee

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    Darkness MMA (its called darkness cause everyones afraid of the dark)

    Instructor: Jay liar Black belt (with a metal buckle)

    Used to be carluke leisure centre but currently unknown. (suspect Lovey might have killed him)

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    Team EBS
    The Grapple Chapel
    Ordance Road
    Crombie, Dunfermline

    Gi and No-Gi
    Instructor - Dan Reid, Purple Belt
    Silverbacks MMA

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    Alba Dornadair mma
    Holyrood business park
    Duddingston road west

    no-gi and gi training

    instructor Willie Scott ( Purple belt )
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    My class in cumbernauld
    Unit 7 annan house 3rd floor c-nauld town center next to the library
    thrusdays 7.30-9.00
    Instructor Anthony Thompson aka Cougar purple belt

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanchez View Post
    Team EBS
    The Grapple Chapel
    Ordance Road
    Crombie, Dunfermline

    Gi and No-Gi
    Instructor - Dan Reid, Purple Belt

    The Grapple Chapel,that's brilliant!! lol

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