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Thread: New Scam I Got Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leesin View Post
    Yes, a phishing site, the idea is to have people log into the website with their details, it then records what people input into the fields. Then they go onto the real website and go into your account, then buttfuck you.

    Just remember, banks never email you about anything like that at all, maybe only notifications of changes they might be having, but nothing requiring you to login.
    This is good advice. As wank as Lloyds TSB are, there is a helpful automated message they play when you ring them before they connect to an adviser. It warns how they will never send you an email asking you to input your details. The only way you'd ever have to do that is via secure internet banking, for which you will set your own password etc. If they make an outbound call to you they wont ask for acc no and sort code as they have it front of them, but they will ask other security questions to verify you are the account holder. Again, a password can be set by you.

    Having said that, I still had $39.99 taken out of my account every month for 12 months. Was a right pain getting Lloyds TSB to look into it. Woman on the fraud line was a snotty bitch and her and this other guy did everything they could to left shoulder it and make out like it was something I had done. Long story short, I did my research, went to a few consumer websites and not only got the trading standards and legal info to demand Lloyds adhered to, I also came across lots of people warning of the same company which had been taking money off me.

    Over the 12mnths these fraudulent robbings twats used the following company name so look out for them on your statement. Took me over 12mnths to realise as it showed up as 26 or 27 each month. I didnt look at it carefully enough and assumed Id bought petrol or something.

    Allvod IV
    Burrulla Inc

    Edit: Got all my cash back plus 55 in charges from Lloyds for when the fraudulent debit took me over my agredd overdraft. 340 odd quid all in all. A good ending but they were fuckin hard work.

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    shame you cant bill your bank for your work/time used stapes

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    I know. When I spoke the snotty woman (which was the 3rd time Id rang the fraud line) she started reeling off the exact same questions Id answered the first two times. All the questions were phrased and geared towards blaming me and finding something that Id done wrong so they could wriggle out of it. I said to her, "Im not going down this line again" and just before I could tell her that Id answered the questions twice berfore and resented the picture they were trying to paint, she snapped at me and said its not fraud until THEY decide it is.

    Utter cunt she was. Watched a show last week on how shop assistants in stores these days are completely rude and give awful service. Ive been saying the same for banks and lenders for at least 5yrs, particularly when I did mortgages but also through personal experience. I can only imagine that they are on shit money and get grief all day from angry customers, on top of getting treated shit by their employers, receiving poor or non existent training and having to hit harsh targets.

    But fuck it. No forget that compassion. Its the nature of the beast. If you dont like it, fuck off and find another job and stop treating people like cunts. Life is hard, work is shit, but you have to do it. Dosent give you the right or excuse to be a prick to customers. Fuckin hell I work in the public sector now and deal with residents and local councillors for a living...imagine how hard I have to try to keep a lid on it! I manage it tho, so they fuckin can on the other end of a God damn phone. Dont moan that you're poorly treated, you work for a bank for for fucks sake!!! I wouldnt moan about the smell if I was Fred West's labourer would I? I'd just fuck it off.

    Cunts. Grrr....and relax.

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    Easy stapes easy I know what you mean with customers, im polite, even tho id like to tell em where to get off but like you said it comes with the job, let them fume and look like knobs, just gotta knuckle down and get on with it.
    I think the problem these days is that ppl seem to think theyre protected at every angle, through services and purchases, but the big companies are doing everything they can to keep a hold of your money, unless you can force them with knowledge of your rights, of which many ppl (including myself) have no clue of.

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