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    Anyone know of good kicking instructionals / books


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    I am selling some of my instructionals which might fit what you're looking for. Full list below, but I'm selling a Malaipet instructional DVD (Destructive Kicks and knees) for 15 - It's second hand but perfect condition.
    Contains: Wai Kru - The Muay Thai ritual / dance of respects
    -Muay Thai Footworks: Right hander and South Paw. Forward, Backward, Side
    -Muay Thai leg blocks / checks
    -Teep ( Push Kicks ): Proper Techniques & Excecutions, Defences & Attacks
    -Low Kicks : Proper Techniques & Excecution, Defences & Attacks
    -Body Kicks : Proper Techniques & Excecution, Defences & Attacks
    -Neck / Head Kicks:Proper Techniques & Excecution, Defences & Attacks
    -Muay Thai Knees: Proper Techniques & Excecution, Defences & Attacks
    -Pre Fight Live training at Muay Thai gym

    I'm also selling a 3dvd comprehensive Muay Thai instructional by the great John Wayne Parr for 35 (DVD signed by him as well). Both excellent

    Also selling:
    Legendary: the Malaipet Sasiprapa story 10
    Vision Quest: Long Knees 15
    K-1 World Max 2005 (Buakaw, John Wayne Parr etc) 20

    All very good, and all a substantial discount on how much they'd be new (please google and check for yourself).
    PM me if you are interested.

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    A decent coach will be able to show you how to throw a proper kick

    Why not go along to some classes at a local club
    Stuart Baxter - Contributing writer - The Fight Lounge

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    If you are anything like "GeordieWarrior" you'll learn it all from tapes lols!

    Ditto what Rome states but a decent instructional is good to watch free of charge and from another dimension to see good technique.

    Other than what is being sold by the 2nd poster - I would recommend youtubing Rob McCullough's basic instructionals. Simple and proven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Romeoblood View Post
    A decent coach will be able to show you how to throw a proper kick

    Why not go along to some classes at a local club
    why does anyone ever buy instructionals ?

    Just looking for extra info mate .

    Cheers for the recomendations lads

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    Duke Roufus dvd set is pretty good too. I got it off ebay a few years back and its a very solid set which covers lots of techniques.

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    I have this DVD set by Saekson Janjira which I found helped me out a lot as an addition to my regular Thai classes, some good pointers and tips.......

    As mentioned previoulsy, get yourself down to your local thai gym that's always the best option..........

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