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Thread: WWF Brawl For All

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    Default WWF Brawl For All

    Lmao, anyone remember this?

    This was a match Butterbean did at Mania with Bart Gunn.

    But before that they had a tournament, had like takedowns etc 0.o

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    Another one with a KO lmaoooo

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    I loved that tournament.

    Was all set up to establish Steve "Dr Death" Williams as a star. He was moving from All Japan to WWF & the tournament was created to play up to his genuine hard man image.
    Of course there is a very good reason why wrestling is predetermined which was displayed here.
    Bart Gunn was barely a jobber in the group after the demise of his tag team The Smoking Gunns & despite his previous toughman boxing experience was though to offer no threat.
    However Williams ended up with a dislocated knee, a dislocated jaw & spark out on the canvas & Gunn stormed his way to win the whole thing with the above KO of JBL.

    Then Butterbean crashed the party & screwed that up as well with what he still describes as his favourite KO!!

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    I barely remember it, but watching back it looked fun.

    Apparently, wasnt dan severn ment to be in it?

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    Yeah Dan severn was in it. i can't remember his opponent but all he did was do single legs (hampered alot by the massive boxing gloves). He won his match then withdrew fr some reason , maybe not to get hurt!

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    Wow, he walked straight into that overhand right by butterbean, brutal KO. Just shows you the gulf in class between trained fighters and people who spend most of their time lifting weights.

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    Problem was that loads of wrestlers ended up getting legit hurt and were out for months.

    16-bit for life

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    bart gun also beat cabbage in a real mma contest, he was no mug

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    True. Bart Gunn is in the MMA databases as Mike Plotchech or something like that

    Brawl for All is up there with XFL as memorable WWE failures. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    haha Class...Butterbean, he hit like a sledgehammer he do!

    Bart "Stun" Gun? More like "Stunned" gun AKA: Bart "KTFO" Gun!

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