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Thread: Sami Berik defends Title - May 7th 2011

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    Default Sami Berik defends Title - May 7th 2011

    The Hun is back, training more than ever, he has been eager to get back in the game.
    Training with kettlebells further more enhancing his strength, working hard on his grappling sharpening up on his BJJ techniques.

    The Strength & Honour title defence will be against Kev Donnelly who Sami just about won with a submission. The headline bout will be held in Exmouth 7th May 2011.

    The Strength and Honour X show will be televised and shown on SKY SPORTS.

    Strength and Honour....
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    Sami is a great guy, good to see him back in action, been too long
    I'm a doctor in exercise the same way Dr Dre is in hip hop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by James-w View Post
    Sami is a great guy, good to see him back in action, been too long
    Agreed.....Good to see him back

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    we all have things that come in the way of life. Sami now is hungry very very hungry hahhaa WME-IMG

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    Agreed good to see Sami back in action. Good luck to him.

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    Sami will be raising money for cancer research will shave all his hair off when it reaches a certain limit for example 500 WME-IMG

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    Looking forwrd to Sami version 2.0 most entertaining fighter in the uk!

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    new version is bjj certified hahaha WME-IMG

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    new blogs and interview coming soon... WME-IMG

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