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Thread: Anyone watching Lights out?

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    Default Anyone watching Lights out?

    Its actually really good, they are up to episode 4 now in America:

    Anyway without giving too much away, it’s about a former heavyweight boxing champion who is now struggling to get by.

    In last night’s episode he fought ‘the ex MMA world champ’ Bas Rutten in a no rules cage match. The fight was pretty awful to watch - if I’m being honest, Baz slapped on an armbar and a rear naked at one point only to be escaped by the boxer.

    Don’t let that put you off though it’s a definatly worth a watch.
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    Watched the 1st episode really liked it especially the last 15mins where we saw what actually happened. Getting the newer eps soon.

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    There's a lot of these fighting films/TV series/Reality shows out at the moment. I tell you what I really wanna see; is an MMA musical. Like Glee but without all the gay high school spirit bullshit. Maybe do it in the same vein as Rocky Horror Picture Show. A freaky frankenfurter type inventor in drag who kidnaps all the greatest MMA stars like Fedor, randy, GSP, Enson and Joe Son and uses their bodyparts/MMA qualities in order to make the ultimate MMA fighter. that'd be fucking quality!
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    Heard nothing but good things about this show. I'm going to pick it up on dvd when it comes out. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    It is alright but not as good as I thought it would be. it is good that Liev Shrieber's more talented brother is getting some decent work.

    The MMA match was utter fucking gash. I imagine that Bas must have been involved in the choreography for that fight and he should be embarrassed.

    I would be surprised if it got a second season.

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