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    hey guys im new here im looking to buy some sandee 16oz gloves and a sandee closed face head guard but everywhere i have tried is out of stock does anyone know of anywhere that may have these items? i have tried everywhere and would like to buy both items from same place if poss if anyone can help me would be great thanks kyle

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    Start with where you've tried and then you'll avoid people telling you to go back there.

    Fightshop or Annaconda Combat for me.

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    i tried made for fighters only had kids gloves, customised sports had on websited but not in stock, fight superstore nothing, mma apparell nothing,

    i have bought from fightshop before and had real quick delivery, but a friend of mine placed an order before xmas and still hasnt recieved the good so a bit weary at the mo

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    I just got red 16oz sandee withing 5 days of ordering last week from Fightshop. Also Annaconda Combat were awesome the week before with a Headrush T shirt i bought. Both turned the orders around in double quick time.

    I wouldnt bother about your mates order. There'll be a legit reason for it, they are a very legit company. Just get your gloves sorted.

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    nice one mate anaconda seem to have everything i need gunna check fighstop compare prices then clinch the deal! awsome

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    We are the distributor for Sandee.

    We have 100s of pairs of 16oz in as we had a delivery recently

    In closed face headguards we have L and M in Black, Blue, Pink and Red

    Click HERE for Sandee

    If you follow us on Twitter or facebook then we currently have a 10% discount code valid for this weekend. So check it out to get the code.

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    One thing to note about the sandees I got was that they felt mega tight to start with. To the point were I was worried a little. Always had twins or second hand sandees. Anyway, they gave a little in first 2 sessions, now they are perfect.

    Dunno if this is usual with sandees from new or just mine. Either way, well chuffed with the purchase. Cheers Fightshop!

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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