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Thread: Muay Thai DVD sale

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    Default Muay Thai DVD sale

    Got a few really interesting DVDs that I'm looking to sell. All second hand, but perfect condition:
    Legendary: the Malaipet Sasiprapa story 10
    The destructive kicks and knees of muay thai - Malaipet 15
    Vision Quest: Long Knees 15
    K-1 World Max 2005 (Buakaw, John Wayne Parr etc) 20
    John Wayne Parr, Locked and Loaded (3 DVDs) signed by JWP. 35

    All very good, and all a substantial discount on how much they'd be new (please google and check for yourself).
    PM me if you are interested. 2 P&P each.

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    Just got a few left:

    The destructive kicks and knees of muay thai - how to deliver and defend kick and knee attacks. Malaipet Sitarvut is the instructor - very good.

    Legendary the Malaipet Sitarvut story...acting interspaced with Malaipet's fights (also features Yodsanklai Fairtex)

    Legends of Muay Thai: Thailand v Holland - Ramon Dekker, Rob Kaman etc

    Vision Quest. Muay Thai Long Knees. I'd never heard of Jeremy 'Primo' Bellrose before I watched this - but it is an excellent instructional on how to land knees from outside the clinch. Very good and not something most instructionals go into this much detail on.

    I want to sell these last DVDs fast - so 10 each + 2 P&P. Massive saving!

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    All gone apart from the vision Quest instructional.

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    Only one left - Vision Quest Long Knees: How to set up knees and how to use them as counters (you may not know the instructor but it is very good). Keen to sell this (as it's my last DVD to sell). So 10 (P&P included) and I'll also throw in Cage Rage 19 DVD featuring Mark Weir, Paul Daley, Elvis Sinosic, Vitor Ribeiro etc. Both in perfect condition. Pretty awesome deal!

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