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    can anyone recomend a place in Bristol to train in MT? I live in horfield so anywhere within cycling/bus route distance woiuld be ideal. I'd like to train twice a week if possible, i've some of the MMA clubs only run amateur MT classes once a week!?



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    Sweatbox. I trained there for a month before my knee decided it was time for minor surgery and it's a great club. I only did MT there twice in that period due to my injury, but it was first class. They do MT every night, MMA a couple of times a week and BJJ every night too. The club is on the main shopping street of east street in Bedminster but I used to bike from Horfield (although it was more or less Filton where I lived). It's great on the way there because Glozzy road is all down hill. Not so cool on the way back after training!

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    Bristol muay thai in barton hill is one of the best MT clubs in bristol from what I've heard. Its not too much of a trek either if you ride down muller rd and through st george.

    They train on tues and thurs for 2 hrs and its 5 a session

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