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    Does anywhere know where I can get some cover for combat sports. Im fighting soon and would quite like the peace of mind that if I lose a tooth/teeth its not gonna cost me.

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    Haha, glad to see I'm not the only one that worries about this sort of thing.

    I'm honestly not sure but I imagine some members will have an answer!

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    I hope some one does Jay, I didnt care before a thai fight I had 6 months ago where I nearly lost 4 of my front bottom teeth, I remember being in my corner, my coach was trying to speak to me and all I could think about was my dentist I have a mma fight in a month and would just like to be able to think sod it... im

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    How do you 'almost' lose teeth? Just curious. When I smashed my front teeth out, there was no 'almost' about it!

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    Hi Atlas, lets just say that they were that loose that even drinking water was moving them. And there was no way i could eat with

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    Ouch! What do you think made them loose, a knee to the mouth or something? Are you fighting this Saturday up at the Heath sports club?

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    I dont know how many people provide this, as the likely chance of damage is high.
    I have recently provided cover to a friend of mine who fight full rules thai. He has in the past lost his both upper front teeth.the trauma meant he lost the teeth and ended up with false teeth/dentures. He ended up paying 5000 for 2 implants to replace them.
    His insurance will now cover him for such damage but it is quite high insurance as the likelihood of it happening. It costs him 1000 for such insurance for implant cover.
    I can provide such cover but I am based in the northwest area.
    The insurance cover is much less if you don't want implants.

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