Starting from Tomorrow, ALL commercial links are not allowed in signatures or posts.

(Shops, Supplement companies, Promotions, Books, Magazines, Websites, etc are classed as commercial links)

If a commercial link is found in a Signature within the forum it will be deleted and the user will be PM'ed with a warning. If it happens again their account will be deleted.

The ONLY exceptions to this are the following

Moderators - Are allowed to have 2 links in their signature, that link must be to your business or your website, you are not allowed to use your link to promote other commercial entities.

Fighters and Gyms - Pro Fighters can have a link in their signature, however it must be directed to their gym website or the fighter’s own website. The link is not to be used to promote other commercial entities.

Photographers - Need to contact providing they are willing to provide images to Cage Warriors when required. Then they will also be allowed a link to their website on their signature

MMA News Websites - If the site in question is a good source and we have an existing working relationship then a link will be allowed, sites in question will have to email

Promotions - Can have 1 link to their website only. If any more are needed then they should contact

Anyone that wants to use the CWFC website or the forum to generate business for their Company needs to contact for an advertising pack.

Commercial Links in Signatures Pricing is £10 pcm (ex. vat)