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Thread: UMA UK Open 'No Gi' BJJ Championships: 17th April - Registration Now Live...

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    Post UMA UK Open 'No Gi' BJJ Championships: 17th April - Registration Now Live...

    UMA NGB UK Open 'No Gi' BJJ Championships: 17th April - Registration Now Live...

    Venue: Fenton Manor Sports Complex, City Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

    These Championships are Sponsored by:

    Suppliers of the Highest Quality Clothing and Apparel and equipment for BJJ, Grappling and MMA etc.

    Every Bracket Winner will receive a Quality T from our Sponsor.

    The Absolute Winner will receive Top Quality Rashguard, T and Grappling Shorts from our Sponsor.

    Quality Bespoke Winners Medals.

    IBJJF No Gi Rules.

    Registration Closes 6pm Sunday April 10th or when the Championships reach capacity.

    No Registrations will be taken after the Closing Date or when we reach capacity.

    Every Athlete is Guaranteed a minimum of two Contest, Repechage will be in play at these Championships.

    These Prestigious Open 'No Gi' BJJ Championships will be stacked for sure, so don't leave it to late to register, its recommended you register as early as possible...

    To Register go to:

    Any questions, please email:

    The UMA NGB look forward to seeing you on Sunday 17th April
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    Default BJJ Refs required

    The UMA are looking for qualified and experience BJJ Referees to help, assist and work with and alongside the UMA BJJ Refs, we will be running anywhere from three to possibly a maximum of six contest areas if needed etc, and hence, the UMA only have three IBJJF certified Referees, two of us who are experienced and who have mat time etc, and one is still learning under supervision with some mat time.

    There is myself, Carl and Steve who are the 3 Referees for the UMA.

    Carl Fisher will be the Chief Referee for the Championships, helping anyone who requires help or assistance, and Refereeing himself if or when required etc, I myself will be making sure the Championships run smooth and on time etc, but will hopefully do some Refereeing if I can too etc, and Steve is still learning the ropes under supervision etc.

    So any Referees who would like to assist, help and Referee at the Championships would be welcome.

    -Referee's are paid 75.00 for they're services on the day.

    -Event Officials, Time Keeper, Score Keepers etc, are paid 15 or Free Entry to Compete in the Championships.

    All Referees and Officials are looked after very well, fed and watered all day, with access to the All Day Buffet and Refreshemnets etc, which is free to all our Officials.

    Please email me if you would like to offer your services to help out etc:
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    Default 'No Gi' BJJ Divisions for Players other than BJJ'ers who wish to compete etc

    Athletes 16 years old and over only:

    Current Belt (if applicable) or equivalent Total Training Time (estimated):

    Novice/Beginner (White) 1 year and 2 months
    Intermediate (Blue) up to 3 years
    Advanced (Purple) up to 4.5 years
    Elite (Brown) up to 6 years
    Elite (Black) 6 years or more

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    Default UMA NGB Bespoke Medal design for 2011

    Check out these Big Boy Winners Medals, they are our New Bespoke UMA NGB Open Championships Event Winners Medals for 2011.

    85mm wide/high, 5mm thick with a 35mm wide printed ribbon, we will have our first batch ready for the U.M.A. UK Open 'No Gi' BJJ Championships on 17th April.
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