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Thread: Justin Lee Collins at CG!

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    Default Justin Lee Collins at CG!

    How has no one posted this yet?!?!?!

    4:10 for about 2 mins if you don't want to watch the whole thing!

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    It's quality David! Shame there wasn't more about the jiujitsu and less about what Justin Lee Collins was going to do to Segal, but I suppose that's what the programme was about.

    LOL at Dickie and Attila as JLC was doing his Kata and explaining about his love for Segal..

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    haha, love the Attila bit!

    He was cool and they made it clear they wanted to talk about Seagal and not jiu-jitsu. Good exposure for BJJ though!

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    So exactly what is Atillas problem with Steven Segal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cumshot Mcgee View Post
    So exactly what is Atillas problem with Steven Segal?
    Lol at this ha ha Yeah everyone knows he has the killer touch and taught Silva everything he knows
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    lmao, JLC is a funny dude

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    I read atilla as atalla, which would probably have brought even more hilarity.

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    haha good telly... and good for bjj promotion
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRIBULUS View Post
    LOL, that must have been a serious spelling mistake!
    Yea i seem to make alot of them

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