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Thread: Christ not this shit again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Evans View Post
    haha, I miss wrestling from the 90s the most ..... pretty bad that Brock got me into MMA, then I started watching it like I did pro wrestling!

    Then again Ken Shamrock made me aware of it!
    brock was the only reason you got into mma? wtf? lol

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    Haha, hm it's a bit more complicated:

    Became friends with Saville, he introduced me to the MMA community ha ha, watched Brock fights wanting him to lose ...... watched a sh*t load of Pride highlights, really got into MMA rest is history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorstorm View Post

    Lmao, I like that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osaka Fight Gear View Post
    brock was the only reason you got into mma? wtf? lol
    Saying that it was Ken Shamrock (who was in WWF back in the day) that that got me into UFC when I was younger. Guess it's the same with Jay Evans.
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    Was weird, I watched Brock vs Min-Soo Kim and wasn't really that impressed with "MMA", terrible fight to watch as your first ha ha.

    Mostly just learning the basics from Saville got me hooked on the ground game side of things, then watching MMA became fun ..... remember it was weird watching, not knowing what was going on.

    Wand/Cro Crop/Fedor/Shogun pride highlights on Youtube helped too ha ha

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    Then came Genki Sudo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Evans View Post

    Then came Genki Sudo
    i love this video, is so awesome.

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