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Thread: Addictive TV Series?

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    Yes, without a doubt lol.


    Dr. Kenzou Tenma, a Japanese neurosurgeon, is one of the best doctors in Germany. He's respected by his peers, he's engaged and has a promising future. Tenma disagrees with hospital politics and sticks to his view that all human lives are equal and that no life is more important than another. One day he decides to work according to his own view on life and not follow hospital politics and he operates a young boy in critical condition, who arrived first, over the life of a politician. After this, Dr. Tenma's peers no longer have the same respect for him and his fiancée breaks up with him. But some time later, some of Tenma's peers are found murdered, his fiancée wants to get back together with him and he's appointed as head of the surgical department. 9 years later, the BKA is investigating a series of murders and one agent from the BKA suspects that Tenma is involved with the murders. Tenma starts to investigate after one of his patients is murdered and discovers that the murderer is someone from his past..

    It's amazing, start watching immediately!
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    That does sound good, will check that out!!

    Sounds like one of those for pro anime and ones not used to it.

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    jay sons of anarchy is really good man trust me watch it
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    Will check it out , knew this was a good idea ha ha - was so annoyed when I finished Geass and Big Bang Theory ( weekly sux ).

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    If I get bored and have no inspiration, I head here:
    > Mock the Week, Russell Howard's Good News, Would I Lie To You?

    > Have I Got News For You galore

    not really 'addictive series' but they're usually quite entertaining and to a high and consistant standard... there's loads of them on there as well
    The mind of the believer stagnates. It fails to grow outward into an unlimited, infinite universe.

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    Goods News is really funny

    I like the new channel 4 thing, is it 10 o clock news live?

    8 out of ten cats is cool too!

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    i've only seen the 10 o'clock news thing once, and i thought it was alright but there's too many presenters... Charlie Brooker's new show "How TV Ruined Your Life" is on iplayer and youtube and they're pretty good. So are 'Newswipe and Screenwipe'
    The mind of the believer stagnates. It fails to grow outward into an unlimited, infinite universe.

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    what I watch:

    Modern Family
    Big Bang Theory
    How I Met Your Mother
    The Amazing Race
    East Bound and Down
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Evans View Post
    Ones I really got into/currently into:

    Peep Show - No idea why but I thought it was a sketch show, turned into one of my favourite shows ever ..... when I finally watched it!
    Flash Forward
    Big Bang Theory
    Modern Family
    Lost ( dipped in middle though )

    Will add more if I can remember haha.

    Anyway, any suggestions?

    The Wire - I think Mike @ The Fight Lounge suggested.

    Hear talk about 30 Rock?

    so gutted when they cancelled firefly
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    The Day Today

    and the almighty....OZ. /end thread.
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